Hi there, I'm Jeffke!

Multi-awardwinning choreographer, instructor, DJ and event organizer

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you'll find what you're looking for. This website offers you a bit more information about who I am and my international dance career. It also includes some details about my weekly line dance classes in Belgium. 

You'll be able to check out the dances I've choreographed and released throughout the years. If you'd like more information about my travels or any bookings for events/workshops, you can find my contact details below.

Hope to see you on a dance-floor somewhere soon!

From Belgium with love ♥

Jef C.

We can't always choose the music life plays for us .. But we can choose how we dance to it!

About Me

In 2009, when I was 15 years old I opened my own dance classes, offering country dancing, modern line/newline, and classes dedicated to couple and partner dancing. Today I still teach twice a week, a 3,5 hrs class in my hometown Beringen, a former coalminers' city.

After teaching classes & instructor workshops for multiple national organizations, and participating in many international competitions, I soon got the chance to travel abroad and share my passion for dance with several crowds around the world. First, I often got the opportunity to teach at smaller events throughout Europe. Later on I also got invited to teach and perform regularly at most of the prestigious dance events around the world such as Crystal Boot Awards (Blackpool, UK), Vegas Dance Explosion (Las Vegas, USA), KOLDA LD Festival (Seoul, South Korea), Mayworth (Tamworth, Australia), Windy City LD Mania (Chicago, USA), UCWDC Japan (Tokyo, Japan), Festiline (Liévin, France) and much more...

Dance and entertaining people has been my main passion and I hope to have the chance to keep on sharing this with lots of dancers around the world in the years to come. If you want to find out more about myself and my dance-travels, head over to my social media accounts and let's get connected! :-) I'm available for bookings to teach workshops/DJ for all dance levels and music genres at local & international linedance events. 

* Official LDF Ambassador Belgium - LDF
* French Line Dance Awards Winner - FFCLD 2022
* Double Crystal Boot Award Winner - Linedancer Magazine 2017
* European Champion Choreography - WCDF 2012
* Multiple annual nominations for prestigious dance awards: male personality, international instructor, international choreographer, best DJ...

My latest choreographies

Forever Young
Low Advanced
Choreographed with Grace David & Jo Kinser 

January 2024

Barbie Dreams
Choreographed with Rosie Multari & Grace David

July 2023

Drinking Buddies
Choreographed with Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

September 2023

Drinking Buddies
Choreographed with Jo & John Kinser

October 2023

Drinking Buddies
High Intermediate
Choreographed with Heather Barton

October 2023

Drinking Buddies
Choreographed with Jo Kinser & Grace David

September 2023

Choreographed with Roy Verdonk

January 2024

Weekly dance classes

We offer mixed level classes 2 nights a week where dances are being taught from beginner to advanced. Jeffke teaches classics, past hits, current floor-fillers and brand new releases.
We don't focus on any music genre so we do dance to anything like pop, irish, latino, country etc.

Tuesday & Thursday night
from 19.00 till 22.30

Clubhouse LJDC
Beringen, Limburg (BE)

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to check out our class teaches

If you'd like to attend one of my classes occasionally/regularly, don't hesitate to contact me for more information!