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This dance career has given me so many memories to share. At my young age, I have had the ability to travel to so many different places in the world, near and far. Exploring what the world has to offer has always been a dream, and I'm so blessed that my passion has made this dream come true. In the last few years I have already visited many continents and countries. I've learned a lot about many different cultures in the world, I have tasted so many local and traditional dishes... but most important, I have made so many amazing friendships along the way.

Because this all has made a huge difference in my life and in becoming who I am today, I've decided to regulary do a little review from some of my latest trips. All these ours in a plane or at an airport, when I'm always reflecting on the moments I've shared, I can now use them to do some writing to share this with you all. I'm sure I won't be able to make you feel what I feel on these travels, but I'll do my best trying to explain!

Mardi Gras

Carlisle (UK)
April 3-5th 2020

Linedance Panda

Solingen (Germany)
February 16th 2020

DDA - Carnival Night

Oudenbosch (Holland)
February 21th 2020


Coignières (France)
February 16th 2020

Katrin & Gernots event

Berlin (Germany)
February 7-9th 2020

Crystal Boot Awards

Blackpool (UK)
Jan 30th - February 2nd 2020

Jeffke Camps

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3581 Beringen (Belgium)
Phone: +32 493 62 93 53