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As a certified instructor, I teach my own NULINE classes in Koersel (Beringen) two days a week. These classes cover all levels from beginner to advanced. They do not focus on any music genre so dances will be taught to country music and modern/popular music. We do not focus on the old-fashioned traditional style, but do like a little challenge. The choregaphies being created these days are influenced by many other dance styles. Therefor, styling and basic technique is also being part of the dance courses.

For my NULINE classes, I fill in my teaching schedule based on the online charts, my experience, and what I see being danced on dancefloors on my travels. I teach hot of the press dance choreographies by the top choreographers on the scene, mixed with re-teaches of legendary classics that every linedancer must know.  This gives my students the opportunity and abbility to attend different kind of social events and be able to join dancers on the floor all around the world. 

Because what I do in my classes is a little different from most traditional line dance clubs in Flanders or Belgium, some of my students do travel for for these NULINE classes. We don't have an open door policy, so if you're interested in finding out what these classes have to offer or in attending one, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll see if we can add an extra member on the floor. Dance experience is a must cause at the moment there is no beginner class. But if you are motivated and interested, let us know and we might start a new beginner class soon!

You can check out the new teaches in this years classes HERE.
For the list of dances being taught during previous years, please contact us using the contact form.

Jeffke Camps

Dijkstraat 118
3581 Beringen (Belgium)
Phone: +32 493 62 93 53