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Jeffke & Grace

Wrigley Smooth

Just as with our first choreo we've made together, it took a while before releasing this one. But here it finally is. Been teaching this a while now. Lovely smooth track, a great blend by two great country voices.. and a high intermediate NC2S. This dance seems to be loved by mixed crowds for the style and the music. It was an honor to work with the lovely and talented Grace David again.

-> check it out here <-

Jeffke & Roy

Nothing Like You

A while ago, a good friend & country artist in Belgium that plays weekly for linedance crowds asked me to listen to a track called Nothing Like You by Luke Combs. He wanted to add this to his setlists if I was able to choreograph a dance to it. With Roy Verdonk I created a 48 count, intermediate level, country nightclub to this beautiful piece of music. We both have been teaching it on our latest travels.

-> check it out here <-

Ria & Jeffke

Little Girl

Last summer, I received an email from Betty Drummond to invite me to teach at the Crystal Boot Awards. This year was a little different as they created teams of 2 choreographers for each workshop slot. I had the honor to work with Ria Vos for our slot. We've choreographed a high intermediate rolling count to a smooth track by Enrique Iglesias. What an amazing feeling it was to be on that big stage again!

-> check it out here <-

Jeffke & Roy

Oh Oh Na Na Cha

I think it's easier to choreograph intermediate dances than an interesting lower level dance, but with this one I'm quite happy! Together with my good friend Roy Verdonk, I've managed to choreograph a high beginner cha to a modern & smooth country track with a feel good tune. It's been doing well on my latest travels so hope you might try it out to.

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Heather & Jeffke

A Little More You

When Lana, one of the artists at my annual country christmas event, asked me to choreograph something to this track, I instantly sent a message to Heather. She loves country music and she loves Lana, so I knew it would work out fine if we'd write to this track together. We taught it at my december event where Lana sung it later that night live on stage.

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Kiss & Tell

When we were sitting together during a lunchbreak at an event in Auvergne (France) last november, Roy came up with a classic track by K.I.S.S.. We all liked the idea of doing a little show dance to this track for the people at the event and the feedback was amazing that the dance was taught twice during the weekend to give everyone the chance to learn it

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