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It's a hard combo finishing LAW studies at University, teaching weekly dance classes, choreographing and travelling the world to teach at many national and international dance events. In the near future, I'll be launching a newsletter with all news on my travels and new choreographies or events. In the meantime, the easiest way to stay in touch with me and keep you updated, is by subscribing to my youtube channel. 

You can also follow me on facebook and come & check out my website every now and then.
For more information about how to follow me online, please click on 'Get in touch' in the menu above.

New dance releases

If you want to check out my newest dances, this is the place to be. Here you will be able to find all information about my latest dance choreographies and links to the video and script.

Latest class teaches

I always appreciate other instructors share what they teach and I am happy to share what's being taught in my classes to. Here you can find the dances taught in 2020.

Travel & event blog

If you want to find out how much fun I had on my latest events, or when you attended one of my latest workshops and you're looking for dances I taught, you'll find most of it in my reviews.

Jeffke Camps

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3581 Beringen (Belgium)
Phone: +32 493 62 93 53